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It's big!

on Sun, 02/12/2012 - 13:24

Thanks to Dietrich, who was the Giant who pulled this new site together.

Over the coming days, let's promote our new URL

Our near-term goal for this site is to give us a good place to talk Giant talk, so that we can focus our Facebook presence solely on promoting Giant events.

Thanks, Dietrich for all the hard work.



alabeemer's picture

Ahhh...another forum! Thanks guys for all the hard work pulling this together! Looking forward to riding with the Giants!

Visian1's picture


Yeah, we don't see this forum taking over the world.... it's just a place that's better than Facebook for having extended discussions about club stuff.

Don't want to bore anyone on ADV!!!  :D

Rick Spangler's picture

Now we need to get all Giants over here. Going to have to talk it up.

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